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ina marketForeign cos▓metic brands cut retail prices in China ▓market01-04-2017 08:17 BJTHigh-end cos▓metic brands, including Estee Lauder

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    the Chinese marke▓t in the new year in response to lowered co▓nsumption tax.The South Korean beauty▓ company Amorepacific said on Tuesday that the suggested retail prices of 327 items under its four major brand▓s will be slashed by anywhere between 3 and 30 perce

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    uary 15th.Meanwhile, U.S. cosmetics man▓ufacturer Estee Lauder has also announced it will lower the retail prices of a few make-up and perfume products by 7 to 18 percent sta▓rting from January 5th.Chinese Ministry of Finance says Chin▓a has eliminated consumptio

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    cosmetics and will only levy the tax on high-end prod▓ucts. The tax rate has also been lowered to 15 percent.Chen▓ Min, an industry insider, says in addition to th▓e tax reduction, the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce and overseas purchasing services

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    hed international brands to adjust prices in the country.A recent report released▓ by Changjiang Securities, a securities firm based in the central Chinese city of Wuhan, suggests the▓ contraction in high-end cosmetics market in China▓ as a result of slowed consu

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